Project Management


The single most important component in creating a succesful businesses, is the team. We are therefore very fortunate to have a management that works with great devotion behind the scenes to get the wheels of Venture Cup spinning.

In the Venture Cup team you will find superstars working with marketing, events, economics, sales, networking, strategy, the competition and much more. What unites us is the interest and passion for entrepreneurship.


Connecta med oss för att hålla dig uppdaterad med nya jobb.

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Entrepreneurship on a daily basis.

Working at Venture Cup is a career opportunity like no other. With us, you get as close as you can to running your own business without actually being an entrepreneur (some of us are on the side, though!). We are characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit where you as a project manager work very independently, but always with the support and cheer from your colleagues. This means that we are a dynamic team who practice what we preach – to inspire others we must enjoy, have fun and feel at home ourselves. Hand in hand with our outstanding network, we form a great force that achieves great things.

Why Venture Cup?

We believe that the key to success for our co-workers is the possibility to influence and implement your own projects. Therefore we aspire to make our staff grow with their tasks.

  • Flexibility

    We practice what we preach, and in an entrepreneurial environment, it takes flexibility when it comes to working hours as well as the place of the work. We can guarantee that no day is like the other.

  • Network

    “You're known by the company you keep” it is said, and isn't it great then that on a daily basis being inspired by a huge network of experienced experts and entrepreneurs? We are certain that the knowledge and the spirit they possess rubs off on us as well.

  • Responsibility

    No one can evolve if they don't get the chance to have responsibilities, right? The moment you join our organization you’ll be considered as a key figure with responsibility within your field.

  • Initiatives are welcome

    Got an idea? Great, we love ideas! At Venture Cup, we cherish ideas and encourage our employees to take initiatives.

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Venture Cup North

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Ideon Agora, Scheelevägen 15
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